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Submerged Stoa in Ancient Salamis discovered by archaeologists




On the east coast of Salamis, archaeologists have discovered a large, long, and narrow public building partially submerged underwater.

Currently, archaeologists are conducting a three-year study of the area, with only the remains of a sunken classical city, a sea wall and ruins of a public building having been discovered.

Amongst the previously discovered sea wall, a public stoa has been found submerged. According to archaeologists, a Stoa is known as a portico which once allowed for civil, economic, and religious events to be conducted.

In addition to the discovery of the structural foundations, various artefacts and objects have also been unearthed. These include Classical- Hellenistic ceramics, amphora stoppers, fragments of marble objects and 22 bronze coins.

According to the Greek Ministry of Culture, the identification of the Stoa is very important as it provides a new element of investigation into the residential life of the ancient city.

Source: Arkeonews

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