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Australians amongst first evacuees to leave Gaza amid Israel-Hamas war




A group of 20 Australians have been evacuated from Gaza after Israeli forces were reported to have killed another Hamas commander following attack on Palestine’s largest refugee camp.

ABC News stated this was the second attack at the Jabaliya refugee camp in North Gaza within two days.

According to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT), the 20 Australians left Gaza through the Rafah border crossing to Egypt.

refugee camp attack
The Jabalia refugee camp was bombed in Gaza. Photo: Al Jazeera.

Officials said they underwent security checks upon leaving and were amongst more than 300 foreign passport holders and dozens of wounded people allowed to leave Gaza yesterday, as part of the first group of civilian evacuations. 

It was discussed via a diplomatic source that 7,500 foreign passport holders will be evacuated from Gaza over the next two weeks via Al Arish airport.

Tor Wennesland, a United Nations’ Middle East peace envoy said the opening of Rafah to the first evacuees was “An important step in the right direction, which we need to build on,” he shared on X.

Source: ABC News.

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