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Recent excavation of Antikythera wreckage uncovers second vessel




During the May-June excavations of the Roman cargo ship off the coast of Antikythera, a team of Swiss and Greek archaeologists have discovered new information about its past.

According to a statement by the Greek Ministry of Culture, the investigation has strengthened the theory that the Antikythera Mechanism was built by the Greeks.

Newly discovered human remains also provided details for the people on board, whilst evidence of a second shipwreck was found.

With a focus on the eastern edge of the shipwreck site, the use of new technology such as 3D modelling software and remote controlled drones, have allowed for rigorous documentation of newly discovered artefacts and a stronger visualisation of the site itself.

This year’s excavation has also produced a beautiful range of artefacts. Fragments such as glassware, marble statues and proto-Byzantine pottery all suggested that additional ships could have suffered the same tragic fate as the original Roman wreckage.

The Greek Ministry of Culture said these new finds have provided invaluable information on the history of this wreck, giving a new perspective on maritime history.

Source: Ekathimerini

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