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Passion for Art and will to adapt: This is how Vergos Auction House is navigating through the pandemic




The coronavirus pandemic has forced instant and extreme changes to the traditional auction house business. Global auction houses which have been around since the 18th century, have been forced to make structural changes to the traditional business model and investing in online auctions.

But as the saying goes if there is will, there’s a way.

“The pandemic caused a profound impact to our sector and we had to respond rapidly in order to come to terms with the new normal.

“We invested in new technologies and both us and our clients were called upon to adapt to the digital market quicker than we anticipated,” VERGOS Auction House Managing Director, Andreas Vergos, tells The Greek Herald.

Founded in 1989 by Petros Vergos, Andreas’ father, the Athens based Auction House is specialising in
Greek Art and rare books, manuscripts and maps, philhellenic items and popular art of Greek interest.

Over the years, the company has auctioned documents of great historic significance and cultural interest, among which the oath of the pre – eminent leader of the Greek War of Independence, Theodoros Kolokotronis and of the Peloponnesian Senate dated 1822, handwritten poems of Κonstantine P. Κavafis and Riga’s ‘Charta’.

However, when the circumstances called, Andreas Vergos did not hesitate to take the long-established family business online.

“The traditional methods of contact with our clients will forever remain irreplaceable and will retain its value unchanged over time but the changes caused by the pandemic are here to stay,” he says, referring to the family’s lasting passion for items that highlight the Greek history and heritage.

In 2009 VERGOS Auctions was the first to establish a Philhellenic Department and in 2019 expanded its business in jewellery and diamonds.

Today, the company is also actively engaging in online auctions and sales through international auction platforms and is considered the most renowned and well-established auction house in Greece.

“We see a growing interest for our collections from the Greek diaspora and this is very encouraging,” Mr Vergos concludes.

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