Estudiantina of Melbourne release new self-titled EP


Estudiantina of Melbourne has released a new self-titled Extended Play (EP). The EP was recorded in May 2024 at Abbotsford in Victoria, with the help of sound engineer Kieran McCoey.

Estudiantina of Melbourne is made up of Con Kalamaras, Maria Antaras-Dalamagas (Accordion/Vocals), Vangelis Ginis (Vocals), Jenny Dixon (Violin), Alex Petropoulos (Guitar), and Paul Karalis (Bouzouki).

Estudiantina of Melbourne is more than just a musical ensemble; it’s a passionate torchbearer of traditional Greek music, particularly Smyrneika, deeply entrenched in the cultural fabric of Greece.

Estudiantina of Melbourne

With a profound appreciation for the diverse influences that shape Smyrneika, ranging from Greek and Turkish to Jewish and Armenian, the ensemble creates a mesmerising fusion that breathes new life into this age-old genre. Their music, adorned with instruments like the oud, bouzouki, violin, kanun, and guitar, resonates with an authenticity that captivates audiences.

Beyond Smyrneika, the ensemble also delves into the realm of Rebetiko, another poignant expression of Greek folk music. Originating from the struggles and triumphs of Greece’s urban working class, Rebetiko’s soul-stirring melodies and evocative lyrics serve as a poignant reminder of the human experience, touching upon themes of adversity, displacement, and resilience.

Through the harmonious interplay of instruments such as the bouzouki, baglama, and accordion, Estudiantina of Melbourne crafts a soundscape that pays homage to the rich cultural heritage of Greece.

Track listing for new EP

  • Ballos – Instrumental
  • Eisai Poli Ziliara (you are a very jealous person)
  • Mangkiko (female Mungas)
  • Otan Pinis Stin Taverna (when you drink at the tavern)
  • Tis Martitsas to Haremi (At Maritsas Harem)
  • Varka Yialo (Boat ahead)
  • Yiati na me gelasis (why do you laugh at me)




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