Lefteris Lambrakis: Battle of Crete exhibition shows the “incomparable heroism of our ancestors”


By Ilias Karagiannis.

The residents of Chania have the opportunity these days to take a walk down memory lane of the heroic moments of resistance against the Nazis at the Sampionara gate in the old town, on the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the Battle of Crete.

Unique evidence, collectible material, shocking testimonies and much more, compose the exhibition “Battle of Crete, 80 years later,” which offers, at the same time, the socio-political extensions of the historical event in time.

The curator of the exhibition, Lefteris Lambrakis, just a few hours after its opening last Saturday, spoke to The Greek Herald about the exhibition which showcases one of the greatest moments of resistance of the Cretan people against fascism.

“With emotion and awe we stand across the history which we Cretans are taught from our childhood years, from our grandparents and parents, from our relatives and teachers. We learn about the unparalleled heroism of our ancestors against the expansionist rage and atrocities of Nazi Germany,” Mr Lambrakis says, as he gives several photos of the exhibition to The Greek Herald in order for our readers to make an imaginary journey through time.

We learn about the important role that this heroism played in the course of World War II. We learn about their sufferings for this heroism, the burned villages, the hundreds of riflemen, the black handkerchiefs that covered the heads of women for years after, until the end of their lives.”

The exhibition opened its doors on Saturday, May 15 and its curtain will fall on the last Sunday of this month.

As Mr Lambrakis tells us, visitors of the exhibition can see: “the photos, the announcements, the newspaper pages, the announcements that the Germans posted on the walls threatening the people of Crete for any reactions and resistance. This is the content of this exhibition. At the same time, two short 16 mm films from the Battle of Crete are shown, as well as testimonies of people who lived through history.”

Due to his artistic nature – he is an actor – Lefteris Lambrakis did an impressive job in the collection of historical evidence, as shown in the photos, published in The Greek Herald.

“Bending diligently over the sources and reverently gathering all those elements that would unravel the tangle of the Cretan Epic, respecting the documents and evidence, attempting a different approach, a tribute to the Memory of our ancestors. Tribute to the Memory of all those who “knew how to write History”,” Mr Lambrakis says.




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