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Greek artist Ioanna Sakellaraki features in ‘PHOTO 2022’ showcase in Melbourne CBD




Lord Mayor of Melbourne, Sally Capp, proudly welcomed the public at the launch of ‘Photo 2022’ on the 28th ofApril in Melbourne’s CBD, announcing ‘Melbourne has its mojo back!’

The festival encourages artists to use photography to highlight and revitalise the hidden corners of the city, giving them new meaning through the lens. 

Greek artist, Ioanna Sakellaraki has just moved to Melbourne from Belgium and is featuring in this year’s showcase for the first time. 

PHOTO 2022 Artistic Director Elias Redstone and the Hon Danny Pearson with artists Jenny Lewis, Atong Atem, James Henry, Scotty So, and Ioanna Sakellaraki. Photo: ArtsHub.

PHOTO 2022 is giving the artist a platform to provide new context for her work, all the while giving her a great excuse to explore her new city and get to know every little hidden spot. 

“My works are about death and loss, but I hope people will feel a sense of curiosity,” Sakellaraki told online at publication, ArtsHub.

Sakellaraki has previously shown her works in London, although installing these new works in Melbourne’s public space In the CBD has allowed her to consider factors such as scale and exposure. 

“For me, PHOTO 2022 is also a chance to meet new people on this other side of the world,” Sakellaraki said. 

“The art scenes are just so different in different cities.”

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