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‘Women of Passion, Women of Greece’: Theatrical show on iconic Greek figures now available online




The theatrical performance of Women of Passion, Women of Greece is now available via on demand streaming on viva.gr and can be watched with both Greek and English subtitles.

The theatre show focuses on the mythical and iconic Greek figures of Medea, Maria Callas and Melina Mercouri. It has been on show at ‘To Treno sto Rouf Railway Carriage Theatre’ since 2016 and toured to cities such as Sydney, Adelaide, Darwin, Brussels, New Delhi and Bangalore.


Three mythical female figures of Medea, Maria Callas and Melina Mercouri travel among a crowd of passengers by a train of the 50’s.

  • Medea, the tragic figure of ancient greek drama, blinded by her deep love for her husband, murdered her own children.
  • Maria Callas, the internationally celebrated opera diva, devoted her life to music and let her fate be sealed by a “fatal” romance.
  • Μelina Mercouri, one of the most beloved Greek actresses, singer and politician who starred in the most well-known international films, fought for culture and democracy.

The tragic ancient drama heroine Medea, meets the two great priestesses of modern Greece, Maria and Melina.

A common feature unites their different paths and that is passion. Passion for life, passion for love, passion for creation, passion for freedom.

Maria Callas character.

History, culture, art, the power of the human soul and the struggles for democracy come alive by an actress and a musician, who take audiences on a journey of creative memory, humour and emotion where Greece is at the same time the starting point and final destination, with the feelings of people all over the world as stopovers.

Greek and foreign spectators of all ages from across the world are guaranteed to be moved by Eugenia Arseni’s powerful and emotional play, Tatiana Ligari’s distinctive and sensitive directorial approach, Evelina Arapidis’ great acting in the three leading roles of Medea, Maria Callas and Melina Mercouri, as well as the exceptional live music and the impressive video design.

The performance can be also viewed by teenagers and children aged 10 years old and over who wish to practice their comprehension of the English language.

Melina Mercouri character.


  • Actress: Evelina Arapidi
  • Musician (vocals, guitar, mandolin, bansuri, percussion instruments): Fotis Mylonas
  • Voice off: Panos Papageorgopoulos
  • Writing/Dramaturgy: Eugenia Arsenis
  • Direction/Stage Design: Tatiana Ligari
  • Video Direction: Panagiotis Kravvaris
  • Photo Direction/Editing: George Charisis
  • Costume Design: Dora Lelouda
  • Music Composition: Fotis Mylonas
  • Video Design: Spyros Rasidakis
  • Sound Engineers: Spyros Spyrou, Lambros Kanellopoulos, George Stefanakidis
  • Headdresses: Danae Koureta
  • Makeup: Artemis Ioannou
  • Translation/Subtitling: Eugenia Arsenis

The filming of the performance took place in ‘To Treno sto Rouf Railway Carriage Theatre.’

  • Duration 60 minutes
  • Tickets 7€
  • Online ticket purchase and screening of the performance here.

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