Three international films to feature at Australia’s Greek Film Festival


The 2023 Greek Film Festival has unveiled a captivating selection of international films that beautifully embrace the essence of Greek culture.

For years, the Greek Film Festival has remained committed to honouring Greek heritage and promoting cultural connections across borders. In this year’s lineup, the festival upholds this tradition by featuring films that not only celebrate Greece but also illuminate the enduring worldwide fascination with Greek culture.

The featured films are:

Window to the Sea:

window to the sea
Window to the sea.

Country of Origin: Spain

Director: Miguel Ángel Jiménez

Audiences will be transported to the idyllic Greek coastlines through this cinematic masterpiece.

Synopsis: Faced with life-changing news, Maria, a 55-year-old Spanish woman from Bilbao, chooses to take a trip to Greece against the advice of her son and doctors. This spontaneous decision leads her to the island of Nisyros, a tiny haven of peace and calm. While soaking in the island’s hidden treasures, she finds herself falling in love against all odds. A luminous portrait of a woman who takes a leap of faith and dares to live for the moment on her own terms. A touching story about love, loss, and fearlessly confronting life, simply by leaning on someone else.

The Trip to Greece:

trip to greece
Trip to Greece.

Country of Origin: UK

Director: Michael Winterbottom

In The Trip to Greece, viewers embark on a delightful odyssey through the heart of Greece.

Synopsis: In their fourth and final gastronomic expedition, Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon set out from the ruins of Troy in modern-day Turkey as they head to Greece to retrace the steps of legendary king Odysseus, the hero of Homer’s epic poem The Odyssey, on his journey home to Ithaca at the end of the Trojan War. Steve and Rob’s semi-fictional alter-egos hit the road in search of culture, history.

Two Tickets to Greece:

two tickets to greece
Two Tickets to Greece.

Country of Origin: France

Director: Marc Fitoussi

On October 29, the festival will close with the 2022 French comedy, Two Tickets to Greece. A crowd-pleaser, a breezily delightful tale of female camaraderie, stoked by laughter, tears and, of course, great scenery. Don’t miss this unique cinematic experience that brings the spirit of Greece to audiences from all walks of life.

Synopsis: Recently divorced, Blandine is struggling to get back to her life. Her former best friend Magalie, loud and fearless, resurfaces and imposes herself on a trip they’ve always dreamed of as teenagers: Amorgos, the amazing location where The Big Blue was shot.

When they reach their destination, they realise the dreamy holidays don’t go as they had planned since they have now a very different approach to holidays… and to life!

The Greek Film Festival is presented in Victoria by the Greek Community of Melbourne playing at Palace Cinema Como, Palace Balwyn Cinema and the Astor Theatre and runs from 19 to 29 October. For more festival details and the full program check Melbourne Films | Greek Film Festival 2022




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