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mAigov digital assistant now available for Greeks abroad




The digital assistant, mAigov, designed to facilitate access to over 1,600 government digital services, garnered a remarkable 63,000 questions within its initial three days of operation, as reported by the state-run news agency AMNA.

Of these queries, 56,900 were deemed legitimate, reflecting a serious engagement with the platform’s capabilities. The assistant exhibited a 30 per cent dialogue rate, indicating clarification on the initial response in around 17,000 instances.

Notably, 70 per cent of users found satisfactory answers with the first response. Primarily, the inquiries centered around identity card issuance, constituting 15.17 per cent of the total, followed by passport issuance (7.93 per cent), retirement-related questions (7.93 per cent), and other government services. 

The digital assistant accommodates up to 240 conversations in Greek per minute and ensures an interaction time of no more than five minutes per session. 

Greece’s Minister of Digital Governance Dimitris Papastergiou assured citizens of the ongoing commitment to leveraging artificial intelligence responsibly, with a focus on expanding applications for public service.

Importantly, the digital assistant is available for Greeks abroad, providing a valuable tool for accessing government information and services from anywhere in the world.

Source: Ekathimerini.

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