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The Portokalos family are back in new My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3 trailer




It was in 2002 when the first movie of My Big Fat Greek Wedding introduced us to the world of the Portokalos family.

After two decades, the family is back and returning to the homeland – Greece – in My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3! Even Aunt Voula who, as the newly released trailer says, is going to be a favourite.

The new movie brings most of the original cast together apart from Michael Constantine, who passed away in 2021. His role is not forgotten in the film though, as he is the reason behind the family reunion in Greece.

In the new trailer, the Portokalos family embark on their journey to Greece with a clever move — carrying souvlaki on the airplane for their international flight. As soon as they arrive, they encounter a distant relative at the airport and are instantly connected.

The whole family is then shown taking charge of Greece. Due to the limited availability of bedrooms at their vacation rental, they all end up sleeping together in a single room, creating chaos.

The cast of ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3.’ Photo: Focus Features.

Nia Vardalos returns to write and direct My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3, much as she did the original that earned her an Oscar nomination for Best Original Screenplay.

Scheduled to be released in theaters on September 8, My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3 was produced by Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, just like the first two movies.

Source: Romper.com.

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