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Director Jason Raftopoulos takes people beneath the surface of ‘Voices in Deep’




Voices in deep, the second feature film by the director and writer Jason Raftopoulos, was shown on Friday, October 20, at Palace Cinema Como in Melbourne.

A film shot in Athens, Voices in Deep recounts the trauma experienced by many in the aftermath of the refugee crisis in Greece in 2015. The film is a cinematic gem that delves into the depths of human emotion and connection. The film explores the complexities of relationships, the power of our inner voices, and the vast ocean of human experiences.

‘Voices in Deep’. Photo: Heidi Serafimidou.

Raftopoulos weaves a compelling narrative through intricate storytelling, allowing the audience to empathise with the characters’ struggles. The film’s cinematography is breathtaking. The interpretation of the audio extends beyond the mere auditory experience. It serves as a storytelling element, guiding the audience’s emotions and drawing them deeper into the narrative, along with the performances of the well selected cast.

‘Voices in Deep’. Photo: Heidi Serafimidou.

The Q&A session with Raftopoulos co-hosted by journalist and radio producer Panos Apostolou, was a captivating addition to the screening of Voices in Deep. It provided a unique opportunity to gain deeper insights into the creative process, themes, and inspirations behind the film.

Raftopoulos shared his thoughts on the film’s symbolism and the emotional journey of the characters, shedding light on the intricacies of storytelling. Apostolou’s probing questions and keen observations, allowed the audience to further explore the film’s themes, to connect with the director and gain deeper insights into the film’s creation.

‘Voices in Deep’. Photo: Heidi Serafimidou.

Following the enlightening Q&A session, the Vice President of the Greek Community of Melbourne, Dr Jim Bossinakis, took the stage and expressed heartfelt gratitude for the insightful discussion and the outstanding cinematic work presented by Raftopoulos. In a touching gesture, he presented both the director and Apostolou with tokens of appreciation.

The Greek Film Festival is presented in Victoria by the Greek Community of Melbourne playing at Palace Cinema Como, Palace Balwyn Cinema and the Astor Theatre from 19 to 29 October. For more festival details and the full program check: Melbourne Films | Greek Film Festival 2023

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