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Christian Louboutin dedicates new campaign to Greece




Luxury French fashion brand, Christian Louboutin, who is best known for their famous red bottom shoes, has dedicated their new collection to Greece, calling it a land and sea ode to “the deep blues and brilliant whites.” 

The ‘Greekaba Collection”, which also pays tribute to the rich browns and blacks of Ancient Greek pottery, was designed in collaboration with Greek painted and multimedia artist, Konstantinos Kakanias. 

The new collection embodies all the elements that embody the Greek culture from playful and colourful palettes, to a series of motifs that represent the legacy of the culture in warm earthy tones.

The new collection points to the designers adventures in Athens and the Cycladic islands and is inspired by “Christian’s insatiable love of travel and brought to life by his dear friend Konstantinos Kakanias,” the company said in a statement. 

Greekaba launched in June and includes shoes in white and blue, in honour of the beautiful Aegean,  leather bags with embossed designs, and wicker baskets with tassels, along with backpacks, men’s sneakers and loafers, and sandals and pouches.

It also takes inspiration from the Ancient Greek friezes, the traditional blue evil eye symbol, “the Mati”, that wards off curses or evil spirits, geometric patterns used in Dodecanese embroidery, and other symbols of Greek culture. 

A portion of proceeds from this collection will benefit “Together for Children” (TFC), a Greek non-profit association that works to provide immediate and effective support to children, young adults with disabilities, and their families in need.

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