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‘We can work together’: Cyprus Community of NSW announces new Board members




The Cyprus Community of NSW have announced its new Board Members after its elections on Sunday, May 29 at the Cyprus Club in Stanmore, Sydney.

At the time of the election, ten candidates received the highest number of votes including Andrew Antoniou with the most votes totalling 254 and Andreas Pantziaros who followed with 239, among others.

However, according to the Community’s Constitution, only nine of these ten canditates could be elected on the Board of Directors.

Following a review by the Election Committee, which commenced on Tuesday, June 7 and concluded on Wednesday, June 8, the nine successful candidates were announced. They are:

  • Andrew Antoniou.
  • Costa Argyrou – Treasurer.
  • Terry Bieri.
  • Roula Christodoulides – Secretary.
  • Andrew Costa – President.
  • Andrew Koullouros.
  • Michael Kyriacou – Assistant Secretary.
  • Andreas Pantziaros – Vice President.
  • Peter Sozou.

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In a statement to The Greek Herald, incoming President Andrew Costa said he is “deeply honoured to have been elected to the Board by the members of our community and I wish to express my gratitude and sincere thanks to all who participated in the elections.”

“Similarly, to have the confidence of the other Board members who gave me the role of President was a humbling experience. I will do everything in my power to live up to my responsibilities as a member of the Board and as President of the Community,” Mr Costa added. 

“The new Board has a blend of experienced representatives from previous Boards and fresh faces with new ideas and energy. Included are lawyers, barristers, planning and development professionals and others from the health and educational sectors. Between us all we have the experience and skills to move forward. 

“I firmly believe we can work together for the betterment of the Community, improvement of the Club’s facilities, the completion of the rezoning process initiated by the previous community and continue our support of Justice for Cyprus.” 

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The proposed development plans of the The Cyprus Club. Photo supplied.

The Board’s Immediate Priorities:

  • To liaise and consult with all members, 1st, 2nd, 3rd and onward generations of the Cyprus Community as to their needs  and their vision for the future of our club.
  • To consult with previous Board members and draw on their experience to contribute to future plans for the club.
  • To place the club on a firm financial footing so that the Board has the capacity to implement future plans.
  • To commit to timely club improvements  and initiatives that will bring back members, young and old, to our premises to use our facilities and services.
  • To continue our cultural activities: Greek language school, Greek dancing classes, food and wine festivals and so forth.
  • To prioritise the completion of the Stanmore rezoning process. This will maximise any financial gains for our community.
  • To commit our club and community to the “Justice for Cyprus” cause.

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