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Greece remains the top ship owning nation in the world 




According to the Union of Greek Shipowners (UGS) for 2021-2022, Greek shipowners control 5,514 vessels or 21% of the world’s entire fleet.

This represents a 45.8% increase from 2014 and since the COVID-19 pandemic, the capacity has grown by 7.4%.

In the report, UGS President Melina Travlos said, “shipping is functioning as a beacon of stability in the fluid global environment.”

“Greek shipping ranks first in the world with almost 21% of the world’s tonnage and accounts for 59% of the European Union fleet,” she added.

Shipping is vital to the Greek economy, with maritime transport alone representing almost 7% of the GDP, which translates to some 200,000 jobs.

Travlos also boasted that new Greek-owned fleets are leading the way in reducing emissions and carbon footprints.

“Greek shipping remains a herald of developments, always with realistic proposals and substantial goals, such as the research and development of alternative, environmentally friendly maritime fuels,” she said.

“In a demanding environment, Greek-owned shipping stands ready and strong to meet national and international challenges with prudence, realism, vision and knowledge as a global leader in shipping”.

Source: Greek News Agenda

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