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‘Tipping Point’ program provides online mentoring for Greek students in disadvantaged schools




The Hellenic Initiative Australia announced today that they would be supporting a youth empowerment program called ‘The Tipping Point’, which connects students in remote or disadvantaged schools in Greece, with mentors from all around the world.

The Tipping Point program is an online, interactive classroom that connects highly-skilled professionals in Greece, and all over the world, with students in remote classrooms in Greece.

So far this year, three regional schools in Greece will be trialling The Tipping Point, including Krinides High School in Kavala, Fourfouras High School in Crete, and Vardas High School in Western Peleponnese.

The purpose of The Tipping Point is to encourage students to broaden their career choices and cultivate new innovations, collaborations and potential entrepreneurial projects in Greece.

In 2018, over 11 000 students in Greece took part in the program, with over 1000 mentors. The Tipping Point is targeted at schools in small, isolated regional towns, particularly in areas with high unemployment, high school dropout rates and areas with a lack of local opportunities.

The Hellenic Initiative has supported this program with intent to get more Australian mentors involved from all areas of expertise.

“This program uses technology to provide students from even the most remote regions of Greece the opportunity to be inspired and shape their own future by providing career guidance and mentorship from inspirational role models at a time when they are making their most critical career decisions,” said President of The Hellenic Initiative Australia, Mr Nicholas Pappas.

“Australian professionals from all fields can join the global Tipping Point mentor community and share their knowledge and experience with high school students around Greece,” Mr Pappas said.

Mentors can participate in the program by submitting a 100-second video answering a range of questions via a mobile app, and scheduling 20-30min live video sessions in the classroom.

Tipping point welcomes mentors from all fields of expertise, particularly people with experience in entrepreneurship, economics and business, medicine, law and agriculture.

Anyone interested in mentoring students can register online or contact: info@thehellenicinitiative.com.au for further information

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