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The Greek female photographer who glorifies Evzon and his symbolism




The photographic exhibition, “EVZONES/Guardians of the Unseen“, is travelling in August to the acritic Kastellorizo, after having achieved great success in Thessaloniki, Crete, Messolonghi, Xanthi, Igoumenitsa, Kavala, Warsaw and various locations in Athens.

The Municipality Kastellorizo proudly presents the 14th individual photography exhibition of the acknowledged photographer Dimitra Hatziadam. The project will be hosted by the Municipal Art Gallery of Megisti, from the 1st until the 16th of August 2020. The opening event will take place on Saturday, 1st of August, at 19:00. The Vice-Minister of National Defense, Stefanis Alkiviadis will also honour the event with his attendance.

The works adorning the exhibition give people the opportunity to witness a unique artistic journey of a three-year photo production, which took place from 2013 until 2016. Dimitra Hatziadam is the photographer who managed to enter this inaccessible place, following the principles that govern it and fostering feelings of high respect and admiration.

In this way, she paved the way for people to discover the confined world of the Presidential Guard. She came across the rigorous daily life, capturing not only the Evzone’s solemn face, but his human side as well. Now, she is telling stories inside and outside the Presidential Guard, while the exquisite hues of her works are attracting the attention of the viewer, thus arousing emotions and illuminating the invisible side of Evzone.

The exhibition has been successfully presented in 13 cities, both in Greece and abroad. Hundreds of visitors and students have attended in the presence of Ms. Hatziadam, who tells the stories behind every picture. People are currently banned from visiting the remarkable place. However, visitors are provided with an extraordinary audiovisual recording, allowing people to observe and listen to the sounds.

The Evzone embodies a globally recognised symbol, whose sight inspires utter awe, epitomising Greek bravery and dignity. Regardless of the weather conditions, he is the salient example of military virtue and ethos.

Through the photographer’s works, people can even “wander” around Acropolis and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, as well as get to know the Guardians’ appearance. Dimitra’s ultimate goal is to present the exhibition abroad, for expatriates, yet for the philhellenes as well.

The viewer is exposed to 45 works, 6 of which have the height of a true Evzone, i.e. 2 meters long. The project aims to bring emotion through the senses, with the audience given the chance to see and touch real tsarouchia and foustanella.

Parallel to the exhibition, visitors will have the opportunity to admire a series of photos that depict the six uniforms of the men of the Presidential Guard. Uniforms will be exhibited in houses, along Megisti bay, in order for it to be the first and the most significant sight faced when entering the port of the island.

*The Greek Herald is a media partner of the ‘EVZONES/Guardians of the Unseen’ exhibition.

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