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South Australia’s Greek community joins in the state’s bushfire recovery efforts




In the last two years, both Greece and Australia have been significantly impacted by deadly fires that have not only claimed the lives of hundreds, but have also contributed to the unprecedented destruction of ecosystems.

As bushfire clean-up in South Australia has reached its end, it’s now more important than ever for local communities and organisations to come together and help rebuild the affected communities recover as fast as possible.

More than 450 fire-affected properties across South Australia have now been cleared, with over 25,000 tonnes of waste removed.

Aiming to support South Australia’s bushfire affected communities, the Greek Orthodox Community of South Australia (GOCSA) managed to raise more than $10,000 through a radiothon with radio host 5EBI. Donations came through the churches and contributions of other donors like the Hellenic Worker’s Educational Association PLATON.

According to GOCSA’s press release, the money has now been distributed in equal amounts to the bushfire victims on Kangaroo Island, the bushfires in South Australia, as well as towards the South Australian District Fire Service.

South Australia’s Rhodian Associations also raised a total of $8000, which they intend to deliver to affected communities themselves.

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