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Paula Masselos re-elected Waverley Council mayor in Sydney




Waverley Council re-elected Mayor Paula Masselos for the next 12 months, on Tuesday September 12 at the recent council meeting in Sydney, NSW.

Additionally, Councillor Ludovico Fabiano of Waverley Ward was chosen as the new Deputy Mayor of Waverley. Mayor Masselos and Deputy Mayor Fabiano will serve in their respective roles until September 13, 2024 in accordance with the Local Government Act 1993 (the Act), reported City Hub.

Councillor Masselos is currently serving her third term as Mayor, having held the position since September 2019 and expressed her ongoing commitment to representing the community and the Council’s vision of a vibrant and resilient Waverley.

In her new term, Councillor Masselos aims to empower the community to collaborate for a sustainable, connected, and innovative future.

According to Mirage News, Mayor Masselos said in a statement, “Under my Mayoralty, we have delivered some of Waverley Council’s biggest and most exciting infrastructure projects to date.”

As the re-elected mayor with a winning vote 7-5, Masselos outlined her goals for her Mayoralty, which include overseeing significant infrastructure projects such as the restoration of Bondi Pavilion, the Boot Factory building in Bondi Junction, and the Bondi Junction Cycleway.

Paula Masselos has been re-elected By The Council As Mayor. Image: Paula Masselos/Facebook

Additionally, Mayor Masselos reaffirmed the council’s dedication to achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2035, as demonstrated by the recent launch of the Waverley Council Net Zero Alliance.

The pair are joined on the Council by several other dedicated members. In Hunter Ward, Councillors Steven Lewis, Sally Betts, and Will Nemesh represent the community.

Angela Burrill and Elaine Keenan (outgoing Deputy Mayor) serve as Councilors for Lawson Ward. Michelle Gray, Dominic Wy Kanak, and Leon Goltsman represent Bondi Ward, while Tim Murray and Tony Kay serve as Councilors for Waverley Ward.

Overall, Masselos and Fabiano are eager to lead the council and work towards a vibrant, resilient, and sustainable future for Waverley.

Source: City Hub and Mirage News

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