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Opinion: A call for unity and progress among Sydney’s Greeks




By Kerry Koliadis

I recently watched an interview given by the President of the Greek Community of Melbourne, Mr Bill Papastergiadis, to a Greek radio station during Christmas of 2023.

I felt very proud as a Greek, and I would like to express my congratulations to Mr Papastergiadis for what he has offered and continues to offer to the Greek community of Melbourne.

Bill Papastergiaidis, President of the Greek Community of Melbourne.

The Greek Community of Melbourne has achieved many things and is an example of Greek tradition, progress and culture.

The Greek Centre in Melbourne, a 15-storey building, is something that other multi-ethnic communities envy; this tells us that you can achieve much when there is unity among others and differences of opinion do not stop what is intended for the greater good of society.

The Greek Community Centre in Melbourne.

Unfortunately, here in Sydney, we have not followed and used the Greek progressive spirit as it should be used. We have hundreds of clubs and small organisations that we could all very well join together as one organisation, just as Melbourne does.

We, the first Greek immigrants, one by one, are slowly moving into the next world, but we must do what we can for future generations who will continue their lives in this country and carry the Greek culture and heritage that we have brought here, to reign forever.

On Christmas Day, I had a phone call from my good friend Mr Warwick Stacey, and he told me that he had gotten his degree in Ancient Greek.

Warwick said to me, “Now I am ready to protect the Western Civilisation. Because this civilisation began in the small country called Greece, something we should all feel very proud of.”

Whenever Warwick, a retired officer from the Australian Special Forces service, calls me, he always starts with “molon lave”.

The Kemps Creek land better known as ‘The Hellenic Village’.

In Greece we have the same service, the LOK (Lokatzides).

I hope that the New Year 2024 will enlighten all those who hold positions in Greek clubs and associations here in Sydney, and start a movement of unity for the good of the whole community and for the good of future generations.

I also hope that the Greek clubs that have shares in the Kemps Creek land (Hellenic Village) will decide something positive for the whole of the Greek community and put aside their personal interests.

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