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Letter from the Editor: #KeepItGreek while we stay at home




Dear readers of The Greek Herald,

As the coronavirus pandemic unfolds around us, it is our duty to stay at home to prevent the rapid spread of this disease. While self-isolation can be daunting and mentally exhausting, we do believe that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

As Greeks, we have been through extreme hardship and we still stand proud and strong. Now, it’s time to show the world how it is done through social media.

Using the hashtag #KeepItGreek on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, we (The Greek Herald team) aim to encourage everyone, young or old, to participate in a movement to maintain and strengthen our Greek heritage and culture while we stay at home.

Every week, The Greek Herald will be challenging our readers to take part in Greek activities ranging from ‘practice your Greek dancing for 20 minutes,’ to ‘test your Greek vocabulary.’

All you have to do in return is:

  1. Post on your social media pages a photo or a video of you completing our challenge for that day.
  2. Don’t forget to hashtag #KeepItGreek and #StayAtHome on the post.
  3. Tag @The Greek Herald on your social media pages.
  4. That’s it! You are making a difference, the Greek way!

Your posts will be shared on our social media pages during the week and the best posts will make it to our Sunday print edition.

Are you ready? Let’s #KeepItGreek together and play our small role in keeping our language and culture alive during this time. 


The Greek Herald Digital Team.

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