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The Greek Herald joins forces with MUGA to save Modern Greek Studies at Macquarie University




The Greek Herald newspaper, in partnership with the Macquarie University Greek Association (MUGA), has initiated a petition to rally community support and save the beloved Modern Greek Studies program at Macquarie University.

The petition aims to draw attention to the potential elimination of this valuable discipline, urging the university administration to reconsider its proposed changes.

Despite a passionate student base, the university administration plans to remove Modern Greek Studies from its curriculum, replacing it with a generic Global Studies program.

This decision has sparked outrage among supporters who believe it undermines the importance of preserving Greek heritage and neglects the immense academic value Modern Greek Studies brings to the university.

Modern Greek Studies extends beyond language acquisition; it serves as a gateway to understanding Greek history, culture, and contributions to the world.

macquarie university modern greek program
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By eliminating this program, Macquarie University would deny current and future generations the opportunity to explore the intricacies of Greek literature, art, philosophy, and the profound impact Greek civilisation has had on Western society’s development.

The proposed removal of Modern Greek Studies would be a devastating blow to the Greek Australian community, which takes immense pride in its cultural heritage. Recognising that preserving cultural identity and language is crucial for fostering a sense of belonging and promoting intercultural understanding, we firmly believe that cutting this program would be a great loss.

The Greek Herald newspaper and MUGA are now urging all supporters of Modern Greek Studies – Greek Australians, academics, students, and allies alike – to sign the petition and make their voices heard.

This collective effort aims to implore Macquarie University to reconsider its proposed changes and recognise that Modern Greek Studies is a vital part of the university’s multicultural fabric. We call upon the university administration to listen to the voices of the community, the students and the scholars who have tirelessly worked to establish and maintain this program.

To sign the petition, visit https://chng.it/xFrjHM4fpz.

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