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Greek youth get creative and bake baklava rolls during Sydney’s lockdown




Greek youth came together via Zoom on Saturday for an online cooking session where they learnt how to bake moorish baklava rolls.

The online lesson was organised by Youth In Action, which runs under St Nectarios Greek Orthodox Church in Burwood, and was hosted by mum-of-two, Stella Skembes. The lesson began with a prayer from Parish priest, Father George Liangas.

“When I was asked to present a live lockdown cooking session for the youth, I was really excited to help,” Stella tells The Greek Herald.

The zoom class. Photo: Facebook.

“I absolutely love baking for my family and friends, so this was a great opportunity for me to share what I love doing in a whole new way!”

With the help of her daughter, Dimi Skembes, Stella was able to give cooking instructions from two different camera angles to everyone on the Zoom, including families from other Greek Orthodox parishes as well.

“All participants, ranging from primary school students to those in their 20s, had fabulous results. Looked beautiful, tasted divine!” the parish board wrote on a Facebook post.

Stella adds she was “so happy” to see people’s baklava creations and believes everyone had great results.

“Youth In Action really is full of great ideas and I was proud to help bring one of these ideas to life!” Stella says.

“You could really tell those who participated had a great time and this made me very very happy. It was a wonderful way to spend a lockdown afternoon.”

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