Greek Orthodox Community of NSW students end academic year with Christmas event


The Greek Orthodox Community of New South Wales (GOCNSW) proudly marked the conclusion of another successful academic year with End-of-Year ceremonies for its Afternoon and Saturday Schools.

The enchanting events unfolded at the Greek Community Club in Lakemba, Sydney on the evenings of Monday, December 11, Tuesday, December 12, and Thursday, December 14, commencing at 6 pm.

GOCNSW christmas celebration
GOCNSW christmas celebration
GOCNSW christmas celebration

The festivities vibrated with the energy and enthusiasm of students from all participating schools, who took centre stage to showcase their talents.

From heartfelt poetry recitations to engaging sketches, theatrical plays, singing, and the vibrant rhythms of the traditional Greek Kalanta, the evenings were a testament to the rich cultural tapestry fostered by the Greek Orthodox Community of NSW.

GOCNSW christmas celebration
GOCNSW christmas celebration

Distinguished guests honouring the occasion were Nia Karteris, Vice President of the GOCNSW, Artemis Theodoris, President of the GOCNSW Education Sub-Committee, and esteemed Members of the GOCNSW Board of Directors, including Con Spiropoulos, Manos Fountoulis and Andrew Smyrnis.

Each esteemed guest played a pivotal role in the ceremony by personally presenting End-of-Year certificates to all students, accompanied by a congratulatory gift bag in recognition of their exceptional efforts.

GOCNSW christmas celebration
GOCNSW christmas celebration
GOCNSW christmas celebration
GOCNSW christmas celebration

A highlight of the evening was the introduction of the prestigious “Αιέν Αριστεύειν” Certificate of Excellence award by the Association Vorion Dimon Spartis “Orea Eleni” of NSW Inc. This distinguished honour, and a $100 gift voucher, was given to our top three performing students of the year:

  1. Ariadne Makras – Year 4, Saturday Greek School (Like in Greece) – Maria Glekas presented the award.
  2. Ariana Medanic – Year 5, Connells Point Public School – Dimitra Lendros presented the award.
  3. Ellie Gartzonis – Year 5, Clemton Park Public School – Sofia Genovezou presented the award.
GOCNSW christmas celebration
Ellie Gartzonis
GOCNSW christmas celebration
Arianna Medanic
GOCNSW christmas celebration
Ariadne Makras

Mrs Glekas, the esteemed President of the Schools, expressed profound pride in the students’ accomplishments and their unwavering dedication to the preservation of Greek heritage. The sentiment was echoed by Secretary Mrs Lendros and Treasurer Mrs Genovezou.

Guided by the expertise of Greek dance teacher Paroula Thurban, all students dazzled the audience with graceful performances of Greek traditional dances, infusing an extra layer of cultural richness into the festivities.




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