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From Pontos to Australia: Hazelnut trees planted to fulfil migrant’s wish




About eight years ago, a Pontian man travelled to Pontos, collected hazelnut seeds and returned to Australia to plant them in his garden.

His ultimate wish was for the fully-grown hazelnut trees to then be planted at Oros Melas in Flowerdale, Victoria – the location where the Pontian community of Australia hopes to one day build the Panagia Soumela monastery.

This wish was fulfilled on Sunday when members of Pontoxeniteas NSW, including President Maria Anthony, and the President of the Federation of Pontian Associations of Australia, Peter Stefanidis, visited Oros Melas and planted the hazelnut trees in honour of the Pontian migrant.

(L-R) Dimitrios Kouklidis, Vice President Pontoxeniteas NSW, Dimitri Poniris, Youth Committee member Pontoxeniteas NSW, Onourfiros Gorozidis, Peter Stefanidis, President Federation of Pontian Associations of Australia, Maria Anthony, President Pontoxeniteas NSW.

On the day, 20 volunteers planted 60 hazelnut trees under the guidance of landowner, Onoufrios Gorozidis, who invited all the Pontian Associations of Australia to volunteer at the tree planting day.

“It was a historic moment for us,” Ms Anthony told The Greek Herald.

Some of the volunteers.

“We planted the soul of Pontos here in Australia. It’s the closest some of us will come to touching the soil of Pontos.”

At the conclusion of the tree planting, the volunteers were treated to a beautiful lunch by land caretaker, Prokopiou Hriston, and also enjoyed a number of Pontian dances.

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