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White Pearl Foundation raises over $22,200 at the fourth annual Breakfast for Brain Cancer




Guests, sponsors and donors raised over $22,200 at the White Pearl Foundation‘s fourth annual Breakfast for Brain Cancer brunch event last Friday, March 18.

The funds from the brunch will go towards supporting the brain cancer research programme of The Brain Cancer Group, Care2Cure (TBCG), which aims to improve outcomes for patients across the spectrum – from care to finding a cure for this devastating disease.

“Thank you to everyone who attended the fourth Breakfast for Brain Cancer, a brunch held in the Pacific Room of the Royal Motor Yacht Club, Point Piper,” the founder of the White Pearl Foundation and organiser of the event, Suzane Peponis-Brisimis, told The Greek Herald.

Suzane Peponis-Brisimis speaks at the event.

“Thank you also to our sponsors, gift donors and those who donated to the cause. We aim to recognise all contributors who wish to be acknowledged on our website.”

On the day, over 126 attendees were amazed as Ms Peponis-Brisimis announced “the Lewis Foundation pledge of 3 years funding of TBCG’s Neuro-oncology care coordination programme, a critical programme for patients and families, led by Nurse Practitioner, Marina Kastelan.”

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“This reflects a commitment of close to $450,000 and we could not be more grateful. Every brain cancer patient deserves to have the support of a care co-ordinator. Marina Kastelan has been with the Group for over a decade and was my scaffold during my mother’s 15 months of treatment,” she added.

CEO of the Lewis Land Group, Matthew McCarron.

The keynote speaker on the day of the event was actually the CEO of the Lewis Land Group, Matthew McCarron, and he spoke openly about his personal brain cancer journey.

Mr McCarron explained how a seizure in the dead of night led to him being diagnosed with a high-grade astrocytom, which required chemoradiation treatment followed by chemotherapy delivered under the care of TBCG Directors, Associate Professors Helen Wheeler and Michael Back.

Despite this, Mr McCarron said the support of his family and friends were the key to his cancer journey.

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“I was surrounded by love that was unconditional. My amazing family equipped me with a deep belief that I could achieve whatever I put my mind to and that hard work and persistence could overcome any challenge,” he said to applause from the crowd.

This eye-opening speech was then followed by a very informative address by Associate Professor Back, who provided an update on how the TBCG’s programmes are progressing, with a focus on the ever-expanding TBCG Databank.

Associate Professor Michael Back.

The Associate Professor explained how every patient will be entered into the TBCG Brain Cancer DataBank through a linked pathway in which their initial brain tumour specimen is stored, alongside their actual brain cancer images and their information data.

At the conclusion of this address, guests were able to enjoy a continual flow of delicious refreshments, prepared by Zest Catering, and mingle amongst themselves.

The fifth annual Breakfast for Brain Cancer, again at the Royal Motor Yacht Club in Point Piper, is already in the planning for Sunday, March 12, 2023.

You can connect with the White Pearl Foundation and support brain cancer research by:
• Exploring opportunities for future collaboration and sponsorship with the White Pearl Foundation.
• Donating prizes & services to future events’ raffle and auctions.
• Hosting your own fundraising event in support of the White Pearl Foundation.
• Hosting your own Breakfast for Brain Cancer.
• Join the White Pearl Foundation volunteer team.

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