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Delphi Women’s Business Luncheon unites powerful Greek women in leadership




For the second consecutive year, Delphi Bank hosted its annual Women in Business Luncheon – Delphi Bank Women’s Business Luncheon – in Sydney on Wednesday, November 6 at The Ivy.

The “informal” topic of the lunch, as discussed by the panel speakers, was that we should not only celebrate our Hellenic heritage and values, but put our Hellenic philosophies and principles into practice at home and at work to shape the culture of our organisations and community.

L-R: Helen Zorbas, Katia Gzikiza (Greek Trade Commissioner for Australia) and Paula Masselos

The Guest Speaker Panel included Mayor Paula Masselos, Dr Helen Zorbas AO and Pamela Klioufis.

Mayor Paula Masselos is the first woman of Greek descent ever elected Mayor of Waverly and the 6th woman overall in the history of the Council.

READ: The Greek Herald’s Q&A with Mayor Paula Masselos.

Dr Helen Zorbas AO recently resigned as CEO of Cancer Australia. Before that she was the CEO of the National Breast and Ovarian Cancer Centre while leading a series of committees on cancer and health.

Pamela Klioufis is the CEO of BCW, which handled the recent merger with PPR Australia and New Zealand.

The Guest Speaker Panel was Facilitated by Delphi Bank’s Project Coordinator, Maree Hadji and the Formal Welcome was spoken by Delphi Bank’s Marketing Manager, Marie Karabatsos.

Delphi Bank customers and the extended community, as well as friends and associated enjoyed lunch, shared discussions and were given the opportunity to have an intimate chat with the speakers.

After the event, the speakers reminded attendees that everyone has a role to play when advocating for change – no matter at what stage of life or professional career, it all starts with the individual.

As Pamela Klioufis said, “one step at a time. It’s overwhelming for anyone starting out to envision being a CEO, but baby steps on the way are certainly doable”.

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