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Consul General of Greece in Adelaide: “I bow to the sacred memory of the Pontians”




Consul General of Greece in Adelaide, George Psiachas, sends his message to the Pontian Community on the 102nd Anniversary of the Greek Pontian Genocide.

In his message, Mr Psiachas stresses that despite the struggles and persecution, Pontian Hellenism remains an important part of Greece’s modern history.

Read the full statement below:

Today, the ubiquitous Hellenism honors the memory of those who lost their lives in the Pontian Genocide during the period 1914-1923. During that difficult time, hundreds of thousands of Pontians were killed or exposed to torture, starvation, cold, and other hardships and many were displaced.

Pontian Hellenism, which has suffered so much persecution, remains deeply patriotic, and is now an important part of modern Greek society, creating and producing rich cultural work, prospering economically and participating in the political life of modern Greece and the Greek Diaspora.

I bow to the sacred memory of the Pontians, and I congratulate the Pontian community here, in Adelaide, especially through Pontian Brotherhood Brotherhood of SA, which recently inaugurated its new cultural Center, that will now shine in Adelaide as a beacon of Pontian Hellenism.

Read the statement in Greek:

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