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American nurse learns Greek to communicate with her elderly patient




Estefanny Bedolla is a nurse at Alden Town Manor in Cicero, Illinois who has gone above and beyond for one of her patients.

Recently, Bedolla learnt how to speak Greek so she could communicate and care for Anastaisa, her elderly patient living with advanced dementia.

It was a decision Bedolla made when Anastasia’s English began to fade due to her diagnosis, the American nurse told McKnight Long-Term Care News.

Feeling motivated to improve Anastasia’s care, the Illinois nurse decided to learn the language now most familiar to Anastasia: Greek.

“I believe a language barrier should not be an obstacle to providing quality care,” the 27-year-old said.

“Learning Greek has been quite challenging. But with everything new, repetition is key. I would stick to a word or phrase and repeat it to Anastasia throughout my shift.”

Alden Town Manor in Cicero, Illinois.

Bedolla said it’s a learning journey that she and Anastasia are on together.

“Whenever I mispronounce a word, she corrects me and celebrates me when I get it right,” she said.

While she is yet to speak Greek fluently, Bedolla expressed her desire to achieve full competency.

“For now, I am focused on learning specific words and phrases that will help me provide better care for her. Not only to facilitate her activities of daily living but also to make her feel more at home and comfortable,” Bedolla said.

Bedolla said her experience has strengthened her bond with Anastasia and the pair continue their language and care journey together at the Cicero home.

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