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Greek Australian Jason Sotiris aims to go global with Supertee charity




The Greek Australian founder of children’s charity Supertee, Jason Sotiris, is heading to Europe as he looks to introduce his specially designed medical garment to sick kids around the world.

Mr Sotiris developed the idea for the Supertee when his daughter Angela was in hospital with a rare form of cancer from the age of just one-year-old.

Fortunately, Angela beat the odds and survived and Jason used the knowledge from his time supporting her in hospital to design a medical garment with easy access for drips and lines, disguised as a superhero costume.

Supertees bring smiles to people’s faces.

“I felt helpless not being able to do the simple task of putting clean clothes on Angela with IV drips, chest monitor cables and central lines making it impossible,” Jason said. 

“So I designed something that was more user-friendly but also something to give sick kids a bit of extra strength through the power of imagination.”

While more than 13,000 Supertees have made their way into hospitals around Australia, it is Jason’s dream to make them available to children who need them in other parts of the world too.

Jason Sotiris (right) is the founder of Supertees.

“I’m hoping to meet with other national children’s charities willing to partner with me to help distribute and deliver Supertees to children’s hospitals,” Jason said.

“It would also be great to speak with potential corporate sponsors interested in supporting children facing serious health issues. It’s the kindness and generosity of others that has made it possible to introduce Supertee across Australia.

“To secure sponsorship to provide Supertees, free of charge, to sick kids around the world would be a dream come true.”

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