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Conrad Liveris named as one of Australia’s top 50 most inspirational LGBTIQ+ leaders




Greek Australian economist, Conrad Liveris, has been named as one of Australia’s top 50 LGBTIQ+ leaders in a list recently released by Deloitte, in partnership with Google and Energy Australia.

The 2020 list includes individuals who identify as trans and gender-diverse, non-binary, queer and bisexual, and includes several Indigenous, culturally and linguistically diverse, neurodiverse and spiritual leaders.

Liveris himself identifies as gay but that’s not the only thing which makes him influential.

He is also the CEO of The Piddington Society and seeks to bring together justice and collegiality by providing a supportive environment for lawyers to learn together through professional development programs.

Alongside this role, Liveris runs his own HR advisory and labour economics practice, where he helps small regional WA non-profits and foreign governments with workplace performance, engagement and the changing workforce.

Greek Australian economist, Conrad Liveris, has been named as one of Australia’s top 50 LGBTIQ+ leaders.

Here is Liveris’ interview with Deloitte:

Who are your role models?

I didn’t have any openly LGBTI+ role models at the start of my career. Instead, as I was beginning to understand gender inequality issues in the workplace, I drew inspiration from the leading women in business and politics who were able to make important contributions despite difficult pressure and judgement.

Where LGBTI+ people could hide their sexuality if they felt uncomfortable, though this isn’t recommended or ideal, these women couldn’t. They were great people to emulate – many who I get to call friends now.

Changing perceptions:

Do you have any advice for others in the LGBTIQ+ community?

LGBTIQ+ inclusion and visibility:

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