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Greece slams Russia’s decision to expel eight Greek diplomats




The Greek Foreign Ministry has slammed Russia’s decision to expel eight Greek diplomats from the country as “baseless.”

Russia declared the eight diplomats as “personae non gratae” on Monday and gave them eight days to leave the country.

According to a statement released by the Russia Foreign Ministry, the decision was made due to “the confrontational course of the Greek authorities with Russia, which includes the supply of weapons and military equipment to Kyiv.”

The Foreign Ministry also said the Greek diplomats were expelled in retaliation for Greece’s expulsion of 12 Russian ones earlier this year.

In response, the Greek Foreign Ministry expressed “its deep regret” over Russia’s decision.

“There is no basis whatsoever for the Russian authorities’ decision to expel the staff members of the Greek diplomatic and consulate authorities in Russia,” the statement reads.

The Greek ministry added that the remaining staff members will continue to serve their mission under particularly difficult conditions.

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