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Greek Orthodox priest in Sydney found guilty of sexually touching women

Greek Orthodox priest Father George Fayjloun from Sydney has been found guilty of sexually touching a number of women.

The Greek Herald journalist wins Walkley Foundation award for exposé on Orthodox funeral certificate

The Greek Herald journalist, Pamela Rontziokos, won 'Student Journalist of the Year' at the Walkley Foundation’s awards ceremony on June 20.

Bishop Emilianos of Meloa resigns from the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia

Bishop Emilianos of Meloa resigned from the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia citing controversial reasons in letter.

The Greek Herald’s exposé on Orthodox funeral certificate up for Walkley Foundation award

The Greek Herald journalist Pamela Rontziokos has been named finalist for the Walkley Foundation’s 2024 Mid-Year Celebration of Journalism.

Tax authorities pay visit to Jon Adgemis’ Public Hospitality Group

The latest intervention by officials from the ATO could risk upsetting Jon Adgemis' latest attempts to secure a $500 million debt deal.


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Cyprus’ cultural heritage is not for sale

For centuries, ancient artefacts, art, and relics have been a topic of ownership, provenance, and morality debates.

50 years of occupation: Who remembers Cyprus?

At the Ledra Palace check point in Nicosia, Cyprus stands a red and white sign that reads: ‘TURKISH REPUBLIC OF NORTHERN CYPRUS FOREVER.'

The dangers for the Hellenism of diaspora

The Hellenism of diaspora is faced with certain social and historical dangers, situations and realities which cause serious problems.


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The dream, the utopia and the Greeks abroad built the independence of Greece

There are many readings about the Greek Revolution, a phenomenon that gave birth to the first independent new country in Eastern Europe.

‘Thank you for the great times’: David Tsirekas leaves Perama 2.0 in Petersham

Much-loved Greek chef, David Tsirekas, has said farewell to his Petersham restaurant, Perama 2.0, after it reopened only four months ago.