Australia’s Greek Orthodox Archbishop requests comments be turned off on The Greek Herald FB page

Australia's Greek Orthodox Archbishop Makarios requests comments be turned off on The Greek Herald Facebook page.

No regrets when it comes to caring for our elderly

Australian Cypriot author Helena Kidd reflects on the time she was looking after her elderly migrant mother, Maria Savvas.

‘The Greek diaspora is making a real impact’: THI Australia’s CEO, Stergitsa Zamagias-Hill

After volunteering in Athens, THI Australia's Stergitsa Zamagias-Hill explains how the organisation makes an impact in the homeland.

‘Disturbing’: Nearly half of young Australians wouldn’t fight for their country

Almost half of our young people would prefer to leave the battlefields, and escape to a safe place, away from the war fronts. 

Insight or Perspective: As Greek-Australians should we vote in Greece?

By Eleni Elefterias As Greek-Australians should we vote in Greece? For many reasons this is problem scenario. I recently attended an online meeting with the New...


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The Pharos Alliance: Greek belongs in Victoria

Melbourne is a city about which we have all heard innumerable politicians praise as a contemporary jewel of Greek culture.   

Can Islamocentric Turkey find its European footing?

After twenty years of rule and having tasted for the first time the heavy defeat in the elections, the Turkish President resorted to neo-Ottomanism.

Simon Kennedy sends message to Greek community ahead of Cook by-election

The Liberal candidate for Cook, Simon Kennedy, has sent a message to the Greek community on why he should be elected in the Cook by-election.


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The Mitsotakis – Liveris conference through the eyes of a young Greek Australian

In his first ever live conference to the Australian people, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, addressed the need for the emergence of a stronger Greece.

Insight or Perspective: Why don’t the associations help?

"It seems to me there are more sinister reasons why most associations do not promote the Greek language," writes Eleni Elefterias.

How important is sex to Greeks?

It's no secret that Greek mythology featured a plethora of sex, love, nudity and romance, so whether it's inbuilt in the race or not, one thing for sure is that Greeks know romance.