Stelana Kliris: Meet the female director of Cyprus’ first Netflix film

On what will be a historic day for Cypriots around the world, July 19 this year will see Cyprus’ very first movie grace Netflix’s screens.

Coldplay releases new music video shot at Athens’ historic Odeon of Herodes Atticus

Coldplay has received high praise after dropping a new music video shot on location at Athens’ Odeon of Herodes Atticus.

Meet Antonia Roumelioti: Greek girlfriend of Bridgerton’s Luke Newton, has identified Newton’s girlfriend as Antonia Roumelioti, a dancer who once appeared on Greece’s Got Talent.

Netflix to premiere first-ever Cypriot film ‘Find Me Falling’ in July

Netflix will stream its first-ever Cypriot film Find Me Falling from Friday, July 19 this year. It stars Harry Connick Jr.

Enmore nightlife model to be replicated across NSW 

Enmore Road's Special Entertainment Precinct has inspired 18 councils across NSW to begin the process of establishing their own nightlife.


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Cyprus’ cultural heritage is not for sale

For centuries, ancient artefacts, art, and relics have been a topic of ownership, provenance, and morality debates.

50 years of occupation: Who remembers Cyprus?

At the Ledra Palace check point in Nicosia, Cyprus stands a red and white sign that reads: ‘TURKISH REPUBLIC OF NORTHERN CYPRUS FOREVER.'

The dangers for the Hellenism of diaspora

The Hellenism of diaspora is faced with certain social and historical dangers, situations and realities which cause serious problems.


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