Spiros Pappas elected Director of Football Australia


Football Australia’s members met this week to receive and consider the Annual Financial Report for Financial Year (FY) 2023, the Annual Budget for FY24, review the year’s activities and undertake elections for two Director positions on the Football Australia Board as stipulated by its Constitution.

Three nominations were received to fill two Elected Director positions on the Board of Football Australia for terms expiring at the 2026 AGM:

  1. CICCARELLO, Salvatore (Sam) proposed by Football South Australia and seconded by Melbourne City FC;
  2. HILL, Alison proposed by Football Tasmania and seconded by Football Northern Territory; and
  3. PAPPAS, Spiro proposed by Football NSW and seconded by Football Victoria.

At the AGM, Football Australia’s members voted to elect Mr Ciccarello and Mr Pappas for terms of office expiring at the 2026 AGM.

Following the AGM, the Board convened to unanimously elect a new Chair, Anter Isaac. A respected figure within the football community, Mr Issac was appointed to lead the organisation, succeeding Chris Nikou, who stepped down at the conclusion of the AGM, after a commendable tenure. Experienced technology and media executive Ms. Jaclyn Lee-Joe was also elected as Deputy Chair. Mr Nikou’s decision to step down was previously announced in September 2023.

Mr Nikou, who has provided stewardship as Chair since November 2018 and has been a part of the Board since October 2014, did not seek re-election. His leadership has been characterised by strategic and governance advancements and significant achievements.

Mr Nikou, reflecting on his impactful five-year tenure as Chair, underscored the significant progress and growth experienced by Australian football both on and off the field, expressing optimism for the future.

“As we conclude an extraordinary year for Australian football, my pride in our accomplishments in 2023 is immense. The Subway Socceroos and CommBank Matildas have delivered historic performances in their FIFA World Cups, sparking a nationwide celebration of our sport’s excellence,” Mr Nikou said.

“Our strong financial and commercial outcomes, alongside these successes, highlight the robustness and resilience of Australian football. The unparalleled funding driven by the Legacy ’23 initiative, and our role in successfully co-hosting the FIFA Women’s World Cup, are clear indicators of our dedication and capability. These are not mere achievements; they represent the flourishing potential and global recognition of Australian football.

“The continued expansion of our grassroots programs remains the cornerstone of our sport, crucial for sustained success. The triumphs of this year reflect the collective effort and commitment of the entire Australian football community.

“As I transition out of my role, I am filled with confidence that Australian football is on a trajectory to reach unprecedented levels, fuelled by our collective passion for the game and a steadfast commitment to excellence.”

Reflecting on his tenure, Mr Nikou commented, “Being the Chair of Football Australia has been both an honour and a tremendous responsibility. The progress we have made, and the resilience displayed by our football community during a period of dynamic change, fills me with immense pride. With the sport poised for continued growth, I am confident that under Anter’s leadership, Football Australia will scale new heights and continue to make significant strides in the world of football.”

Upon being elected as the new Chair, Mr Isaac began by expressing his deep gratitude to his predecessor and the Board members.

“Firstly, I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks and appreciation to the outgoing Chair, Chris Nikou, for his exceptional leadership and dedication to Australian football. His contribution has been invaluable. I am also profoundly grateful to my fellow Board Members for their confidence in me and I look forward to working with them,” Mr Isaac said.

“Stepping into the position of Chair of Football Australia is both an honour and a responsibility that I embrace with enthusiasm and commitment. Building on the strong foundation laid by Chris and previous Boards, our focus will be on nurturing our nation’s passion for football, advancing our strategic objectives, and ensuring the sustained growth and success of football at all levels in Australia.”

The Football Australia Board now comprises of the following members:

  • Anter ISAAC – Chair
  • Jaclyn LEE-JOE – Deputy Chair
  • Joseph CARROZZI
  • Amy DUGGAN
  • Heather GARRIOCK
  • Catriona NOBLE
  • Spiro PAPPAS

Football Australia’s 2023 Annual Review, which includes financial and strategic updates, as well as reviews of performances and events from Australia’s national teams and competitions throughout 2023, can be accessed here.

Source: Football Australia




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