Panathinaikos defeat France ahead of derby with Olympiacos


Panathinaikos has defeated Villeurbanne 86-82 and achieved their 2nd consecutive victory and 10th in this year’s EuroLeague, maintaining a distance of 2 wins from the French in 16th place with a record of 10-19.

The “Greens” prevailed in the 29th game of the EuroLeague, forcing the French to their eighth consecutive defeat and 21st overall.

Emphasizing defence, Panathinaikos scored its third European ‘double’ of 2023 “Astroball” and is now focusing on the upcoming A1 Men’s/Basket League derby, with Olympiacos at OAKA (19/3) .

The quarters: 26-20, 43-52, 62-70, 82-86

Villeurbanne  (Parker): Matthews 7 (1), Noah 9 (1), Bost 7 (2/10 shots, 2/2 shots), Caudy 2, Dio 3 (1), Tyus 7, De Colo 12 (7 assists) , Fal 13 (4/5 2-pointers, 5/7 shots, 12 rebounds), Lighty 8 (2), Obasohan 8, Pons 6 (2).

Panathinaikos (Serelis): Lee 14 (1), Papagiannis 4, Bohorides 2, Williams 13 (1). Thomas 7 (1/4 3-pointers), Bacon 13 (5/9 2-pointers, 0/4 3-pointers, 3/3 shots, 6 rebounds, 3 assists, 3 steals), Ponitka 7 (1), Grigonis 9 (3/6 3-pointers ), Mandzoukas 9 (1), Gudaitis 8 (5 rebounds).




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