George Antonis: Sydney Olympic FC’s young, skilled midfielder


By Takis Triadafillou

21-year-old George Antonis is a footballer whose technique and mobility in the midfield will leave an enduring legacy. Characteristics that make him stand out are his constant covering of gaps, whether he plays on the left or the right.

We’ve watched him play for Sydney Olympic FC and he has showed us he has a lot of potential to play big ball and help the team succeed in the upcoming National Second Division.

George, thank you for being with us. How did you get started in football and why did you choose Sydney Olympic?

My background was a big part of it. My whole family is into football.

Like my brothers, I was interested in football from an early age and started playing for the South-West Strikers at the age of five. I also played futsal for the Inner West Magic. I started my career with Sydney United in the Under-12s. I joined the Western Sydney Wanderers Youth at the end of 2015, prior to their entry into the National Premier Leagues. After eight years with the youth, where I was named captain, I signed a one-year scholarship contract with Wanderers on 28 June 2023. However, on 18 January 2024, I released my contract from the club by mutual consent. It was announced on the same day that I had signed with Sydney Olympic.

Which coach has inspired you during your career?

I can say with confidence that it was Labinot Haliti (current coach at Sydney Olympic). He also coached me at the Wanderers. He has a unique way of motivating you and helping you find your potential.

Have you trained with your brother?

Terry and I always went to parks and trained. My sister too. My sister stopped playing soccer because of a serious knee injury. Terry has always been my idol and the animator in my endeavours.

Did you continue your studies after high school?

No because I was training full time and it was difficult for me to deal with my studies. I will definitely be able to go to university in the future. Maybe something to do with coaching studies.

Why did you choose to be a midfielder and not a defender or an attacker?

Because I always wanted to pass the ball to the players to defend and attack at the same time.

How many goals have you scored so far?

Several goals throughout my career.

How have your teammates at Sydney Olympic treated you?

When I came to the team everyone was positive towards me and embraced me because we are a ‘Fist’. It is a team with experienced players from major categories and even professional ones, who make the difference in the team’s performance.




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