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Andriana Petrakis wins tennis championship in Victoria




Tennis player Andriana Petrakis won in the singles final and women’s doubles final at the Victorian State Championships over the weekend.

The women’s final saw the South Australian athlete defeat Victoria’s Carla Lenarduzzi 6-2 7-5 in a match of long rallies.

“I am very happy with my hard work this weekend,” Andriana, who is an athlete on the autism spectrum, said.

Andriana Petrakis
Andriana Petrakis won the singles and doubles competition. Photo: Sport Inclusion Australia.

“I won against Carla 6-2 , 7-5 and it was a walkover in the women’s doubles, which meant we won due to injury with another player in the other doubles team.”

This impressive result followed Lenarduzzi defeating Petrakis last month. The two athletes also paired up together to take on the doubles title, where they ranked first place.

The next tennis tournament will take place at Tennis World in Albert Park from November 23-26.

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