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Stefanos Tsitsipas: ‘I was one of the most shy kids in my class’




Greek tennis international Stefanos Tsitsipas featured on the most recent episode of Tennis United, with WTA star Naomi Osaka, answering fans most impeding questions.

The two professional tennis players were asked a series of questions, with one of them addressing both players’ apparent shyness.

“I was introverted as a child, very shy when I was really young, one of the most shy kids in my class and I could never really express myself,” Tsitsipas said.

Keeping the interview in a light mood, the two tennis champions were asked the most important question in life. Does pineapple belong on pizza?

“No!” Osaka quickly said.

“I personally think it’s a no-no,” Tsitsipas added.

Co-host of Tennis United Vasek Pospisil revealed that he enjoys maple syrup on his pizza crust, with the host admitting it must be a “Canadian thing.”

Tsitsipas was also asked what he was most likely to stay up all night thinking about, with only one thing running through the competitors head.

“It’s all about tennis,” Tsitsipas said. “Just thinking about tennis. If I lose that day, I might stay up. I’ve had nights where I stayed up all night and I was just overthinking and processing what happened out there.”

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