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Victorian State Election 2022: The Australians of Greek heritage who claim victory




Victorian Labor has won a third consecutive term and is on track to retain a comfortable majority in the lower house after state elections on Saturday, November 26.

Premier Daniel Andrews has declared victory for Labor in his third-straight election win as leader, despite the party suffering some large swings against it particularly in Melbourne’s west and north.

In a speech on Saturday night shortly after Opposition Leader Matthew Guy conceded defeat, Andrews said it had been an “incredibly challenging” few years but “hope always defeats hate.”

On Sunday, Guy announced he will resign as leader of the Victorian Liberals once the results of the election were firmed up.

‘Thank you’:

There were at least 33 Australian candidates of Greek heritage contesting this year’s state election across all political parties and including independents.

Although voting continues in some electorates, at least three Australian candidates of Greek heritage have claimed victory.

In Bentleigh, Nick Staikos MP has won his third term in the safe Labor seat with 58% of the vote over Liberal candidate Debbie Taylor-Haynes.

“Bentleigh, I love you. Thank you,” Mr Staikos wrote on Facebook after his victory.

In Oakleigh, Steve Dimopoulos MP also won his third term in the safe Labor seat. He won 63.4% of the vote over the Liberal Party’s Jim Grivokostopoulos at 36.6%.

In a post on Facebook, Mr Dimopoulos expressed his appreciation to his constituents for their support and vowed to continue to work in their interests.

“My sincere appreciation to you, in our community – my home – for your support to continue as your representative in the Victorian Parliament,” Mr Dimopoulos said.

“And now, with such another big agenda ahead, it’s time to get back to work.”

Labor MP and government whip in the Victorian Upper House, Lee Tarlamis, will also retain his seat as member of the South-Eastern Metropolitan Region.

In Northcote, Kat Theophanous MP leads by 865 votes over Greens candidate Campbell Gome. Pending further results, Northcote is being left in doubt but Theophanous is likely to claim victory.

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