Melinda Dimitriades wants to provide ‘more transparency’ if elected to the Inner West Council


Melinda Dimitriades was raised in Earlwood to Greek-born migrants and has continued to work and live in the Inner West over much of the past two decades. That’s why she’s decided to run as an Independent in the Inner West Council elections on Saturday, December 4.

Melinda is a passionate advocate for older people and wants to be part of creating relationships and community activities that engage all generations and cultural backgrounds.

She is also interested in all levels of government, leading the charge to create good policies and work with business to address climate change, environmental impacts and smart building design. She believes that everyone should have access to green space and sky, and that you can’t just buy your way into everything. 

Melinda Dimitriades.

With just days to go before the local government elections in NSW, we sat down with Melinda to hear all about her career plan and aspirations.

1. Why have you decided to get into politics?

Whilst I recently graduated as a Political Scientist at Sydney University, I never thought I would become a politician. But I was approached by one of Vic’s supporters and asked to consider running with him. After meeting him and learning about the dysfunction, over-spending and neglect of the migrants who have called Marrickville home for decades but are severely neglected, I thought I could contribute in a meaningful way and advocate for these communities.

I also think I can provide more transparency and efficient governance without partisan politics; you’d be amazed how politicised the Inner West Council is.  

Dimitriades wants to provide ‘more transparency’ if elected to the Inner West Council.

2. How does your Greek heritage influence your work? 

Well, I grew up in Earlwood but spent every other weekend with my mum and brothers George and Alex shopping at the Greek wholesalers. I went to pre-school at Crusader in Malakoff St and even got my ears pierced on Illawarra Rd. The very reason why Marrickville is so vibrant, diverse and textured is because of the Greeks. 

3. What are your plans if you are elected this year?

Vic is a seasoned councillor and I will be guided by him. However, as a strong Greek woman, small business owner and progressive in my politics, I will apply my skills, knowledge and frugality to various projects including providing green space, good development that provides appropriate housing, as well as business and public utilities without whacking rate payers and going over budget. We simply don’t have the incomes of State or Federal governments.  

Dimitriades with her running mates.

4. What message do you have for our readers and the Greek Australian community more broadly? 

If you want to see politicians who reflect back to you your ethnicity, community mindedness and Greek/Italian smarts with pragmatic solutions and without the ideological constraints of Labor or The Greens, vote for Independents.  

5. Is there anything else you’d like to say?

I encourage people to start conversations and think about what a partisan council has actually achieved. Let’s break the stranglehold and get some mediation by voting independent thinking representatives. 




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