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Ex-SYRIZA politicians form parliamentary group ‘New Left’




Former SYRIZA MP’s announced on Monday the formation of a new parliamentary group called ‘New Left.’

The announcement was made during an event held at Athens’ municipality Serafio Sports Centre.

According to AMNA, the new group was made up by 11 former SYRIZA MP’s who recently resigned from the SYRIZA-progressive Alliance.

Alexis Charitsis has been announced as the new president of the ‘New Left’ parliamentary group.

“We want a new, modern, European Left, a reliable, militant, visionary Left, a broad and open-minded Left that speaks with honesty and clarity,” President Charitsis said.

Mr Charitsis added there is a need “to put forth a wholesome, ambitious plan that will provide answers to the big issues of our time: climate crisis, social inequalities, and the overall quality of democracy in the 21st century.”

He also said ‘New Left’ will “fight the big battle of the June 2024 European elections (…) with progressive ideas that will translate to actions.”

Source: AMNA.gr.

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