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Patricia Karvelas pushes to ‘ban the boo’ at sports games




Have you ever gone to watch your favourite sporting team play, and then suddenly, one thing goes wrong and the crowd start to “boo” the team?

ABC Radio National host Patricia Karvelas recently shared on her program an experience she had last year while she was watching her favourite AFL team Collingwood.

During the football match, people in the stands started yelling out “boo,” much to Karvelas’ dismay.

The journalist told her listeners that she can’t stand anyone booing at the footy, and when she hears it, she calls it out.

Patricia Karvelas
Patricia Karvelas at the Collingwood game last year. Photo: ABC News.

“Look, I’ve actually been at a Collingwood game where Collingwood supporters, who I know are very contentious people, were booing the opposition, so to speak, and I did tell them not to boo,” she said.

“That’s how serious I am about it. I said, ‘not cool.’ “[It] didn’t make me very popular.”

After sharing this story, Karvelas was flooded with positive messages of support towards her anti-booing stance.

Despite boo-ing being allowed, Karvelas remains firm on her stance to ban the boo.

Source: ABC News.

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