Zisi Kokotatsios granted bail after alleged hit and run death of Sydney lawyer


Rideshare driver Zisi Kokotatsios has been granted bail after an alleged hit and run caused the death of Sydney lawyer Mitch East on Sunday, March 17.

The 63-year-old driver was arrested and charged with dangerous driving resulting in death, as well as failing to stop and assist after causing death.

ABC News reported that Mr East, the 28-year-old lawyer who previously worked in the Supreme Court of New Zealand and as an adviser for the Royal Commission of Inquiry, was found dead on Fletcher Street in Tamarama shortly after 4am on the Sunday.

Mr Kokotatsios appeared at Parramatta bail court on Saturday morning, where the court was told he was on his way to pick up a passenger and allegedly ran over Mr East, who was lying on the road.

CCTV footage from a neighbour showed that the car “lifted up” when it ran over the man, before slowing down and then driving off.

After Mr Kokotatsios applied for bail, a prosecutor said there was “no doubt the occupant knew he struck something.”

“If he’d stopped and had a look to see what he’d hit he would’ve seen a person lying on the road,” he told the court.

The prosecution further alleged that Mr Kokotatsios used his phone at the time of the crash, however, his defence lawyer Mohamad Sakr told the court that the phone was mounted on the dashboard, and it was not used illegally. He also revealed that Mr Kokotatsios continued picking up passengers after the incident.

“Had he known he had hit a person my client would’ve stopped and rendered aid and assisted the young man,” Mr Sakr told the court.

“Your honour can draw a reasonable inference that my client has a defendable case.”

Mr Sakr further reported that his client had no criminal history and had offered his “condolences to the family” of the victim.

The magistrate then sided with the defence, revealing that the prosecution “has difficulties” with their case and that Mr Kokotatsios “deserved bail.”

Mr Kokotatsios is now due to appear at Downing Centre Local Court on May 9. He will also be required to report to a police station weekly and is currently banned from driving.

Source: ABC News.

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