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Woman fined €300 for laying flowers at Polytechnic site, despite holding valid permit




Police have fined a lone woman who journeyed 100 metres from her work to lay flowers at the Polytechnic School to honour the 1973 Uprising.

Speaking to news247, the woman says she sent an SMS with code option <6> for personal exercise, and held an exit permit form for her work.

Arriving at the scene with police presence, authorities determined that her movement outside was not “justified” and confirmed a fine of 300 euros.

“My job is 100 meters away. I come every year for 40 years. I respect the pandemic and the health of my fellow citizens, I follow the measures, I wear a mask and I came to let a flower at the door and leave. I am alone,” she said.

She walked to the site after the company where she works closed for the day due to the anniversary and possible riots.

Greek police were not convinced and the fine was confirmed.

Speaking later to Star TV, victim Maria Kiousi wondered whether she was not allowed to walk around for “personal exercise”. She stressed that she would appeal the fine that is much too high for her low-income family.

“Nobody cares how many people I contaminate with the virus when I come to work by bus with another 30 passengers,” she said adding that authorities implement double standards.

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