‘Very high chance’: Senior Constable sparks hope for missing grandfather Christos Pittas


There is still “a very high chance” that Christos Pittas, a Victorian grandfather who disappeared in Victoria’s alpine region on Friday, could still be alive despite freezing conditions, police say.

Christos has not been seen or heard from since Friday afternoon when he went for an afternoon walk at Big Muster Drive, Dinner Plain, an alpine region northeast of Melbourne.

Senior Constable Joel Magno-Thornton said that while temperatures in the region were hovering around 0C to 1C, the wind-chill was about -12C, making it dangerous for some searchers and putting them “in harms way”.

“The terrain out here is treacherous,” he said.

The Senior Constable noted that there was still a “very high chance” that Christos could still be alive if he had managed to find a water source and shelter from the wind, in addition to the fact that it sounded like he had eaten “a good meal” before he disappeared.

Police spent the night driving around with infrared sensors trying to detect any body heat, while two beaming lights were also set up in the hope was that if Christo was out there and conscious, he would have the lights to guide him home.

Police spent the tonight be driving around with infrared sensors trying to detect any body heat, while two beaming lights were also set up. The hope was that if Christos was out there and conscious, he would have the lights to guide him home.

Christos’ family have put out public pleas for help in finding their beloved father and grandfather, describing him as a “kind and loving person” who enjoys nature and adventure.

“He is a grandfather to four beautiful granddaughters and we know he would love to see them again.”

A few of Christos’ sons and daughters have joined the search for their father tonight as temperatures drop and the stakes get higher.

They are recounting their fathers steps, according to the police, thinking “where would dad go? what would he do?”




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