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Turkish Foreign Minister accepts invitation to visit Athens




Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu has accepted an invitation by his Greek counterpart to visit Athens, Nikos Dendias said at the Delphi Economic Forum VI in Athens on Friday, though no specific date has been agreed on.

“Of course I will meet Cavusoglu. I have invited him to Greece and he has accepted the invitation in principle. The doors are always open for him. He is my friend,” he said during a panel discussion when asked if any future meeting is in the cards.

Commenting on the long-standing issues with Turkey, the minister said that, “if a solution is not found … at least we should find a way to manage our differences.”

“The open discussion that took place in Ankara was very useful to air all opinions,” he added.

Dendias also commented on the recent escalation of violence in Israel between Palestinian militants and the Israeli military, describing it as “déjà vu.”

Thousands of Palestinians grabbed children and belongings and fled their homes Friday as Israel barraged the northern Gaza Strip with tank fire and airstrikes.

Sourced By: Ekatherimini

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