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Top four tips for learning Greek as an adult




By Claire Lagoutaris from Hellenic Learning

Through my experience I have found that it’s never too late to learn Greek. At this life-stage, adults can learn systematically, have great awareness of how they like to learn and have huge motivators such as wanting to communicate with family, connect with the culture or to travel. Here are some tips to learn Greek as an adult:

Reassure yourself – An obstacle for some is confidence and the fear of making a mistake. Remember that if you do make a mistake, think of it instead as a great learning opportunity as you will improve for next time. Start speaking even if it slowly and try to have fun with learning this beautiful language.

Immerse yourself – Learn through ways that are enjoyable to you, whether it’s through Greek songs, TV shows, movies, podcasts, etc. Supplement your lessons with language apps. Read simpler texts such as children’s books. Obtain study resources such as workbooks, vocabulary cards, etc. Follow pages in Greek on topics that interest you. Speak with relatives or friends as well as practise the language in your local community e.g. at your local Greek café or grocer.

Be patient – Trust the process and keep practising. It takes time to learn a new language as your brain is processing new information. After a while this becomes more automatic. Think of it like exercise, as it takes repetition, time and consistency to improve. A tip is to set yourself short and long-term goals to keep you on track.

Join a course – Learning Greek systematically through a course and tutor can be helpful to receive explanations and targeted feedback, as well as refine your pronunciation, grammar, and more. Another benefit of this is building conversation skills whilst meeting other like-minded students.

The Greek Adult Classes at Hellenic Learning run each term, offering various courses for different levels. Private lessons are also offered.

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