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Thousands flock to Greek War of Independence Playmobil recreation




Thousands of people flocked to the National Historical Museum in Athens over the past six months to witness the 1821 Greek War of Independence come to life in the form of plastic Playmobil figurines and accessories within dioramas.

Laskarina Bouboulina, Theodoros Kolokotronis and Markos Botsaris were only a few of the personalities and scenes depicted in more than 20 fascinating Playmobil dioramas and 3D scenery exhibited there. 

Photo: National Historical Museum

The exhibition was the result of the museum’s collaboration with Playmobil collectors, who own commemorative pieces not commercially available, and is supported by Playmobil Hellas. 

Head of the National Historical Museum Efthymia Papaspyrou said that “(historic) events do not change but the time that passes changes the way we view and project them. They are represented in art with a fresh and more creative outlook, utilising modern methods that make them more accessible and attractive.”

Photo: National Historical Museum

It is a “complex and difficult dream” said Irene Efremidis, marketing director of Playmobil Hellas, who emphasised that “the purpose for which Playmobil was created will have been achieved, if this exhibition helps even slightly some of the visitors to connect with their history, take a brief look at the past, and become a little more interested in what happened 200 years ago.”

Visitors had the opportunity to search for specific heroes, play entertaining board games, and even virtually launch a naval attacks against a Turkish two-decker ship.

The exhibition was part of the National Historical Museum’s program of events in celebration of the upcoming 200th anniversary of the Greek War of Independence. 

Sourced By: AMNA-MPA

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